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BBQ Menu

Enjoy the British summer and leave the BBQ to us. Our BBQ Menu with an Indian twist is the perfect catering solution for your wedding, garden party or corporate event. 

Select 3 BBQ and 3 side options to be taken by the whole party

(Canapés and Desserts can be added here)


Minimum of 30 guests for this Menu

The Indian Dish Lamb Chops.JPG

From The Indian Dish BBQ

Select 3 options to be taken by the whole party

Chicken Shish (gf)

Tender chicken breast marinated in yoghurt and freshly ground spices skewered on our BBQ

Crispy, crunchy, moreish. Marinated in masala spices, yoghurt and bbq'd to perfection

Masala Chicken Wings (gf)

Lamb Chops (gf)*

 24 hr marinated Lamb chops skewered on our BBQ finished with mint raita & pomegranate drops

Lamb Shish Kebabs (gf)

 Grilled, marinated Lamb skewered with peppers. Perfect served with pitta selection (add below)

Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers 

High quality quarter pounder beef burgers served with your choice of sourdough, brioche or regular buns

Onion Bhaji Burgers (vegan, gf option for bun)

Our Award Winning onion bhaji layered with lettuce and mango chutney sandwiched in your choice of sourdough, brioche or regular buns

King Prawn Skewers*

Marinated in lemon, garlic and coriander. Skewered with tomatoes.

Veggie Skewers (vegan)

Vegan Sausages (vegan)

Served with your choice of sourdough, brioche or regular buns

*Surcharge applies for this dish

BBQ Side dishes

Select 3 delicious, chilled options for the whole party

Chaat Salad
(v or ve, gf)

Spiced chickpea salad with date & tamarind sauce,  yoghurt. Topped with crispy Bombay mix

Green Salad (Vegan, gf)

Seasonal green leaves with fresh herbs

Bombay Potato Salad (vegan, gf)

Locally grown potatoes cooked in a tomato base with our special blend of 5 spices

Pitta Breads (vegan)

Brown, white or mixed

Cucumber and pomegranate salad (vegan, gf)

Refreshing and deliciously sweet

Indian Slaw (vegan option, gf)

Carrot, cabbage, onion and yoghurt tumbled in Indian spices

The Indian Dish Chicken Wings.JPG
v = Vegetarian ve=Vegan gf = gluten free

NB: Minimum number of 30 guests 

Please contact us for a quote

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