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Hot Buffet Menu

Our buffet station is the perfect catering solution for your party or special event . We will set up a beautiful buffet station inside your venue and our professional staff will serve your guests and clear away afterwards.

Why not add a canapés on to start your event?


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Please select 3 Main Dish options and 3 options from Rice, breads and sides to be taken by the whole party.
Canapés and Desserts Can also be added.

Main Dishes

Railway Chicken (gf)

Tender chicken thighs cooked with potatoes & spice blend 

Chicken Dhansak (gf)

Tender chicken cooked with tangy lentils & mild Persian spice

Chicken Bhuna (gf)

Chicken cooked with whole garam masala & tomato base

Lamb Rogan Gosht* (gf)

Spiced lamb chunks cooked in a rich tomato & garlic base

Chicken Jalfrezi (gf)

Chicken pieces stir fried with mixed peppers & chillis

Chicken Karahi (gf)

Spicy chicken cooked in a wok with a blend of spices, ginger & garlic

Saag Paneer (v, gf)

Creamed whole leaf spinach with spiced chunks of Indian cheese 

Vegetable Balti (ve, gf)

Seasonal vegetables cooked in a rich tomato base 

Bombay Potato (ve, gf)

Locally grown potatoes cooked in a tomato base with a blend of 5 spices

Aubergine, tomato or tarka daal (ve, gf)

Slow cooked with whole spices and tomato topped with tarka (a garlic and cumin glaze)

Daal Makhani (ve or v, gf)

Buttery, creamy black lentils slow cooked in a rich, smoky sauce

Saag Aloo (ve, gf)

Potatoes and spinach cooked in a rich spiced tomato sauce with our 5 spice blend

Lamb Biriyani* (gf)

A rich mutton curry layered with fragrant basmati rice, saffron and  caramelised onions 

Chicken Biriyani* (gf)

Spicy marinated chicken layered with fragrant basmati rice, saffron and  caramelised onions 

Vegan Biriyani* (ve, gf)

Colourful, seasonal vegetables layered with fragrant basmati rice, saffron and  caramelised onions 

Rice, Breads and sides

Naan Selection (ve)

Wood fired naan breads available in Plain & Garlic

Peas Pilau (ve, gf)

Fragrant rice & peas cooked with whole spices & onion

Basmati Rice (ve, gf)

Classic Basmati rice gently steamed 

Punjabi Veg Samosa
(v or ve)

Spiced potato & pea filling wrapped in crispy pastry

Lamb Samosa

Filo parcel filled with lightly seasoned lamb mince

Onion Bhaji (ve, gf)

Crispy onion fritter dusted with chickpea flour & blended spices

v = Vegetarian ve=Vegan gf = Gluten free
* Surcharge applies for this dish

NB: Minimum number of 50 guests. Canapés & desserts can also be added. 

Please contact us for a quote

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